"Sabine has immeasurably helped me regain the use of my right arm without experiencing pain. She has done this with determination and gentleness. Sabine listens to your concerns and works with you to alleviate your problem. Many times she has to try different approaches and will include you in the process. Thank you, Sabine, for keeping me able to do the activities I love!!!!" 

- Paula, Redmond, WA


"Sabine's treatment is a delight. She is deeply passionate about her work and dedicates undivided attention to her clients. In her studio, Sabine created a special space that is very conducive to relaxation and recharging."

- Kyril, Seattle, WA    


‚ÄúSabine is an exceptionally talented therapist. I first met Sabine prior to a major surgery back in 2009. She had provided me with a nurturing and safe environment conducive to healing through massage therapy and Reiki. She is an expert in the human physical and energetic anatomy and uses her innate healing gifts to help heal not only the physical body but the entire "being". 
 Sabine eventually became my teacher and Reiki Master. She continues to inspire and guide us her students even after moving out of state. Her dedication to her students goes beyond the classroom. She remains our best mentor and supporter. She is greatly missed. 
- Christine, Seattle, WA